Satisfactory Academic & Attendance Progress Evaluation Policy

Satisfactory Academic & Attendance Progress Evaluation Policy

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Satisfactory Academic & Attendance Progress Evaluation Policy

The school will allow five un-excused late shows per month. If you are going to be late, a courtesy phone call
is required. Please call the school and give your message to a School Official not a student and reason why
you will be late. All late shows will be documented in the student’s profile. If students have more than
five un-excused late shows per month, this will result in a suspension. All time is calculated on the quarter
hour. Students who return more than 15 minutes late from lunch or break may be sent home for the day. Our
motto is if you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late and if you are late you are not
able to attend school that day. All students should be in their class location 10 minutes prior to starting
class. At this time the student should be completely prepared for class. This means that all materials needed
are available and they are dressed professionally and appropriately for class. If a student is absent for
more than 14 consecutive days without contacting the school this will result in the student being terminated
from the program.

The contracted date of graduation may be changed throughout your program because of unexpected school closures. Make-up hours
may not reverse your revised graduation date. Students are required to call the school if not attending school
for the day.


Leaves of Absence are granted on a case by case basis. Leaves of absence should be used in cases of emergency
or medical problems, which cause attendance to be impossible or impractical. Leaves of absence are not considered
a withdrawal from the school. A student who is granted a Leave of Absence by the school, is able to return
at the agreed upon time frame. Leave of absence time frames will be based on student need but not to exceed
90 days. A Leave of Absence will not affect the student’s maximum time frame for completion however it will
affect their scheduled graduation date. Students may be granted 1 Leave of Absence during their course of
study. In order to be placed on Leave of Absence, the student must:

  • Complete the school’s Leave of Absence Request form.
  • Meet with the School Director.
  • Must be in Satisfactory Progress of the esthetic program.
  • Leaves must be a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 90 days.

There will be no additional tuition charges for a Leave of Absence. If the student fails to return or contact
the School Directors on the documented agreed upon return date, the student will be considered to have withdrawn
from school as of that documented date.

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