Professionalism and Appearance

Professionalism and Appearance

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Professionalism and Appearance

Shador has a high professional standard that we require all students to uphold while attending the school. Professionalism includes a sensible combination of choice of words, tone of voice, physical appearance, physical actions, good judgment, decision making, cleanliness and competence.

The ability to listen and observe, communicate effectively, consult with and suggest ideas, services, and products to colleagues, instructors, management, and clients are key components to being a great esthetician.

All students are required to have a clean and professional appearance while attending school. We understand that everyone has their own individual personality and we encourage students to express that in a professional manner.

Student’s appearance should be neat, clean, well groomed with clothing properly fastened and pressed. We will not permit any soiled, torn or inappropriate dress for a professional environment will be permitted. Violations of the above-described dress code will result in the student being sent home to correct his/her work attire.

Proper personal hygiene and sanitation are the daily responsibility of each student. Since we are in contact with clients in close proximity, it is imperative that each student be extremely aware of personal breath and body odor. Each student will be given a refresh pack as a part of their kits on the first day of school. This pack will include a tooth brush, mouth wash, hand sanitizer, and other items needed to refresh themselves while at school. Lab coats and aprons are provided by the school for student’s daily use.

Unless designated by the curriculum students are not allowed to work on themselves at the school. Hair, nails, and make-up are to be done before arriving at school. A professional appearance in these areas is essential to the overall image of today’s esthetician. We encourage students to wear solid color tops, black and white combinations. Sneakers are not permitted. For safety reasons, no open-toed shoes are permitted.

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