Facilities, Equipment & Textbooks

Facilities, Equipment & Textbooks

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Facilities, Equipment & Textbooks

Shador’s Esthetic school is located at the PS Business Park in Renton, WA. This up-dated facility includes a large work area, small practical work esthetic rooms, and study/computer room. Each student gets their own personal locker so house personal items and supplies.

Each room contains modern functional equipment such as individual work stations, hydraulic facial beds, seven function facial machines, and all supplies needed to perform esthetics services.

Each student at Shador will receive a kit that will be used throughout their course of study. Student kits will be issued to each student on the first day of school. The kits will contain all the necessary implements and equipment to perform daily assignments and to work on clients. It is required that students must maintain their individual equipment. If equipment is not functional that is required to replace broken or damaged articles in order to practice their work properly. No service will be performed on a client unless equipment can function properly.

The cost of the kits, application fee, and tuition payments are reviewed during the initial meeting with the student and Admissions Representative prior to enrollment. There is no charge for materials used on models for assigned activities.

Textbooks and manual are also issued on the first day of class. If textbooks are lost students are required to replace them in order to complete daily class work and practical work. Assignments and homework are given regularly based on textbooks and manuals. Students are required to bring both textbooks and kits to class each day. These items can be left in lockers but it is the student’s responsibility to replace items if lost or stolen.

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